What is breach data?

A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment. Other terms for this phenomenon include unintentional information disclosure, data leak, information leakage and also data spill.

What happens if my data gets breached?

Like most people you probably have an account on some website out there. If the database of this website gets breached, then that means anything you provided to that website will most likely be avaliable to the public like usernames, passwords, date of birth and other personal information.

How can I tell if my account is breached?

When you sign up with websites, usually you provide something like your email or phone number. So the way for you to check if  your information is leaked, would be by looking them up on one of the following websites:

';--have i been pwned?

Have I Been Pwned? is a website that allows Internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches.

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Breach Directory

BreachDirectory.tk allows you to search through all public data breaches to make sure your emails, usernames, passwords, and domains haven’t been compromised. It allows you to see the first few digits of your compromised password.

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Have I been sold?

Have I Been Sold? is a free service which lets you check our database of purchased emails and see if someone sold your contact information.

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Breach Alarm

BreachAlarm is an alternative to Have I Been Pwned, giving you another place to check for breaches. Along with its free email-checking service, it also has paid-for notification and protective services.

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DeHashed works similarly to other options on this list, but where they focus on email addresses, DeHashed does more. Want to see if your name appears in hacked lists? You can. The site presents a search bar with options to search for your username, IP address, name, address, phone number, and more.

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